Re-Development Project Begins At The Royal Blind School Canaan Lane Campus

Posted: 13/08/2013 |

The Royal Blind School campus at Canaan Lane has begun a re-development programme that will enable all pupils at the Royal Blind School to be cared for and educated there by Summer 2014.

A new multi-use games area for children with disabilities is currently being built and classrooms will be refurbished to host a range of subjects including music, art, home economics, science, computing, mathematics and craft, design and technology. A new flat for relatives will enable pupils to be with their family during assessments or illness, and will be particularly useful for those whose parents live further afield.

The re-development means that the Craigmillar Park campus, which was purpose built as the Royal Blind School in 1835, will be sold and pupils will no longer be taught there after this forthcoming academic year. Single disability blind children are increasingly catered for by their local authority, which has resulted in a fall in numbers and income for the School in recent years. Moving forward, the Royal Blind School will become increasingly more specialized in educating and caring for children with a visual impairment who also have social, emotional and behavioral difficulties, autistic spectrum disorders, motor or learning disabilities.

As well as continuing to meet the care and education needs of its enrolled pupils, the school has an exciting future ahead as it builds its role as a National Education Resource Centre in Visual Impairment, providing support to children and young people with a visual impairment and their families throughout Scotland and playing a major role in supporting the staff who work with them.