Review launched for children & young people with additional support needs

Posted: 24/02/2011 |

The Doran Review website and Peter Doran's blog have now gone live. Every child has the right to become a successful learner, confident individual, effective contributor and responsible citizen - wherever their learning is taking place. Some face barriers to learning and need additional support to enable them to make the most of their educational opportunities and to realise their potential. Their complex range of additional support needs may be beyond the capacity of an individual Local Authority to cater for and may require access to regional or national provision. The Doran Review is considering whether the current system is achieving the best possible outcomes for Scotland's children and young people, and recommend any improvements necessary.

Peter Doran is leading the review and comments that he is delighted to have been asked by the Scottish Government to chair the “Strategic review of learning provision for children and young people with complex additional support needs”

"I strongly believe that high quality education and care is a right of all children and young people. There are particular challenges faced by pupils, their parents and services when there are complex additional support needs to be addressed. Nevertheless every child in Scotland should have the opportunity to realise their potential, no matter the barriers to learning."