Royal Blind Awarded Department For Work And Pensions Disability Symbol

Posted: 30/08/2013 |

Royal Blind Awarded The Double Tick

Royal Blind is delighted to have been awarded the Department of Work and Pension’s Disability Symbol, or “double tick”.

The Disability Symbol was introduced in 1990 and has been developed to allow employers to demonstrate their commitment to good practice in employing and retaining disabled people, as well as enabling disabled jobseekers to know which employers will be positive about their disability or health condition.

We are proud to be an employer of disabled people, including those with a visual impairment and people with other disabilities.

Royal Blind also looks forward to receiving the fantastic benefits of the double tick, which include help and support from our government and the opportunity to connect with other disability confident employers.

The number of disabled workers at the Scottish Braille Press has increased by 25% since last year. Currently we employ 24 disabled people, 9 of whom are visually impaired people. 

16 of these disabled staff are on supported employment schemes.  During the year two people on these schemes were successful in moving to open employment in permanent roles at the Scottish Braille Press. 

For more information on working with Royal Blind, see the Work With Us page.