Royal Blind School Hosts the Unified English Braille Conference

Posted: 09/04/2014 |


The event allowed the Royal Blind School, The Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) and the Scottish Sensory Service (SSC) to work together under the banner of the UK Association for Accessible Formats (UKAAF).

The purpose of the event was to introduce and establish the new Braille code in Scotland, which replaces Standard English Braille with the new Unified English Braille.

On Wednesday 26 March, representatives from the Royal Blind School visited Aberdeen where Claire Maxwell from RNIB and Alison Duthie from the Scottish Sensory Service gave a presentation on the new Braille code to teachers from across Scotland. All of the participants worked hard and learned so much from the presenters. It was an intense day for those involved – but a very important one, as it is the first step in the journey for the national transfer from Standard English Braille to Unified English Braille.

On Thursday 27 March, the official course was held in Edinburgh here at the Royal Blind School with our Headteacher Elaine Brackenridge presenting alongside Claire Maxwell, Reading Services Manager for Braille at RNIB. It was an intense day with participants from across the country in attendance, and the UKAFF representatives were delighted to host such an important event. The atmosphere was one of vibrancy, fun, and was an excellent opportunity for these active organisations within the sector to work together. Naturally there was a little frustration thrown in at times; however participants were extremely positive at the end of each day and have indicated that they found the day very informative and worthwhile.

The above courses would not have been held without financial contributions from: the Scottish Sensory Centre, RNIB and Royal Blind who funded the cost of the venues, lunches and materials required for the introduction of UEB in Scotland.

Royal Blind would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved. We are now on our journey!