Royal Blind School Pupils' Visit to Preston Street Primary School

Posted: 28/02/2014 |


Recently, four Royal Blind School pupils – Katie Jane, Namarra, Andrew and Christina – became ambassadors for their school and for visually impaired people.Our pupil ambassadors visited a group of Primary 2 children at Preston Street Primary School in Edinburgh who have been learning about ‘the senses’.

The P2 class, who are 6 years old, were very excited to welcome pupils of The Royal Blind School to their class. The P2 pupils had been learning about the eye, visual impairment and blindness, and had lots of questions to ask our pupils.

The pupils had prepared for the visit and were keen to take on the role as they met the P2 class. They brought lots of everyday items like their canes, talking scales, a level indicator, a ball with a bell in it, and a talking calculator. So when the P2’s asked questions like ‘How do you cook?’, or ‘What do you do in the gym?’ the pupils could answer with practical demonstrations! Our Home Economics teacher Mrs Budd was on hand to help with using the talking scales and practising with the level indicator, and this really made the pupils think about baking cakes and making tea and coffee when you have a visual impairment.

Our pupils told the P2’s all about PE and how they use the ball with the bell in it. When Mr Anderson, their class teacher, talked about blind football being a sport in the Paralympics, our pupils were able to tell them about our past pupil Lee Brunton, who was on the team! We also left them with some homework to learn more about Libby Clegg, another Paralympian who is a past pupil of the Royal Blind School. 

The P2 class really enjoyed finding out about technology. They were very impressed at how independent the pupils from the Royal Blind School are and how technology can help in many areas. Doing some work on the talking calculator was very popular!

The staff and pupils of the Royal Blind School also learned from the pupils of Preston Street Primary. In their research they had discovered a new app for the iPhone which we had not heard about, which describes images when you take a picture. So our pupils left the school with some of their own homework to do as well.

The next step of this link is to invite the P2 pupils to the Royal Blind School and our pupils will take them on a tour, answer their questions, and demonstrate their equipment. The P2 children might get an opportunity to try writing Braille or participate in some PE activities. The Royal Blind School hopes that this link with pupils in a mainstream school will help pupils to have a better understanding and acceptance of visual impairment and blindness.

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