Royal Blind's Gary Seath Runs for Royal Blind

Posted: 19/03/2014 |

On Sunday 16 March I participated in the 2014 Edinburgh Kilomathon for Royal Blind.

I have been running half marathons previously for another charity but decided to run for Royal Blind after the wonderful experiences I have had visiting the various services since joining the organisation in May 2013.

I do enjoy a regular fitness routine but didn’t participate in any running events in 2013. However, upon hearing about my running past, the eyes of the fundraising department lit up and, before I knew it, I had been signed up to 2014.

The Edinburgh Kilomathon course is 13.1km beginning at Ocean Terminal in Leith finishing at Murrayfield Stadium. I was attracted to this event as it provided a new challenge and yes, as you may be thinking, a shorter distance to run! I think the greatest challenge presented was the 8.30am start time which, if any runners are reading this will know, means an incredibly early wake up call to prepare properly.

On Sunday morning, we were blessed with, be it not for a slightly strong breeze, perfect running conditions at the start line. The start presented difficulty moving up the field as a result of the narrow paths leaving Ocean Terminal. However, things improved slowly as I approached 2km as the field stretched and we approached open ground.

The route utilised long stretches of Edinburgh cycle paths making it essential to look out for visible landmarks as well as km markers to pace things right. By the time we approached halfway I could sense that I was clear of the main pack and focused on catching runners ahead.

As I could see Murrayfield in the distance I stepped things up and enjoyed a hi5 from someone walking along Roseburn. At this point you could tell everyone had the same objective of pushing things along for the best finish possible.

It was quite a thrill to enter into Murrayfield stadium and run along the 100m metre track to the finish applauded by spectators in the main stand. I finished the course in 56 minutes and hoped for the best in terms of finishing position.

I was delighted to finish in 52nd position out of 1,140 participants and thankfully my year out from competitive running had not proved detrimental.

You can still donate to my Royal Blind fundraising page.

The next event is the Edinburgh Marathon Festival in May. There are still places available so why not join me on the starting line running for Royal Blind?

Gary Seath