School Celebrates Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Posted: 13/06/2012 |

On Wednesday, 6th June pupils at the Royal Blind School took a break from their usual timetable to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Teachers around the school joined forces to create fun and interactive Jubilee-themed workshops educating pupils of all ages throughout the school on the various cultures, histories and cuisines that exist around the world.   

The pupils were given a chance to choose from six workshops and on the day they were scheduled to join the three workshops they found most interesting. The workshops were separated by a buffet lunch and finished with a singing session in which pupils and staff were reminded of some old traditional songs. 

The Workshops were as follows:

Workshop 1 - Drama/Music Sensory Story about the battle to be the best dressed King/Queen between a Scottish Queen and English King (with a parade).

Workshop 2 - Explore the wonders and diversities of the Commonwealth with 4 stops around the world.

Workshop 3 - Fairtrade Healthy Eating cooking/Tasting Bonanza

Workshop 4 - Art/Fabric Making Panel workshop celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Workshop 5 - Renewable Energy - A workshop to explore renewable energy sources and to investigate practical applications of wind, water and solar power. Pupils worked together to design and make windmills, waterwheels and solar-powered motors.

Workshop 6 - Celebrating the music and culture of India (with costumes and singing/instruments)

As part of the art workshop some pupils were also given the opportunity to try using a potter's wheel, making a range of pots, mugs and bowls and getting very messy in the process.

Overall there was a very positive response to the day which could be seen as everyone sang the well-known song, "God Save The Queen!"

Written by Saad Attieh