Blind people offered 50% discount on TV Licence fee

Posted: 23/08/2016 |

Blind and visually impaired people can benefit for a 50% reduction on their TV licence fee. 

TV Licence to offer 50% discount for blind people

TV Licensing is making concessions available to those with a 'severe' visual impairment and those aged 75 and older.

The 50% discount also covers anyone who living with someone who fits this criteria. 

Blind and visually impaired people may also be eligible for a discount if they have already paid for a TV Licence.

The announcement comes ahead of a shakeup of TV licence rules which mean people will now have to pay the fee for watching BBC iPlayer. 

The BBC estimates it is losing £283 million in revenue because of licence fee evasion, as people avoid paying for the licence by watching programmes on their computers or mobile devices. 

New legislation to close this loophole will come into effect from September 1. 

Find out more information on entitlement and how to apply for a blind concession TV Licence.