29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery Visit Scottish War Blinded Members at Rosendael House

Posted: 15/02/2016 | Scottish War Blinded

Representatives of the elite 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery visited Scottish War Blinded members at Rosendael House on Thursday 28 January 2016.

The purpose of the visit was to provide our members an opportunity to engage with serving personnel of the British Army Forces. The visit began with a presentation from Captain Seath and Gunner Reece Webster.

29 COmmando Regiment Royal Artillery visit Scottish War BlindedCaptain Seath outlined the specific work of the Commando Gunners who are trained to coordinate firepower for the combat arm of the Regiment as well as fast jets, attack helicopters and naval ships.

Gunner Webster recently visited the Falkland Isles and described his experiences to members, a number of whom are Falklands War veterans, through a highly emotive series of observations and stories.

Scottish War Blinded member Alfred Gibbons served in Royal Navy during the Falklands War.

Alfred said:

“Gunner Webster gave a very good talk and was very clear about the places he had visited including the Twin Sisters, Goose Green and Mount Longdon. It brought memories from 30 years ago back quite vividly. I haven’t been back to the Falkland Islands since 1982, but Gunner Webster’s talk has prompted me to think about making a return there in the future.”

Following the presentation, members had the opportunity to sit down and chat with representatives of the regiment over a cup of tea, home-baking and donuts which were kindly bought by the regiment.

Captain Seath said:

“29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery is committed to and highly values its programme of engagement with the wider veterans’ community. Outreach events such as this allows us to chat to those that have served before, listen to their experiences and ultimately leave us in a more informed place in order to better navigate our future operational challenges.”

Scottish War Blinded member Arthur Bell travelled from Fife for the presentation.

Arthur said:

“It’s been a really great day, I’ve enjoyed the trip up to Rosendael for the presentation and to meet the guys from 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery who all do such a great job for their country.”