29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery Visit the Linburn Centre

Posted: 05/11/2015 | Scottish War Blinded

Captains Seath and Johnston of 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery visited the Linburn Centre on Thursday 29 October 2015 to deliver a presentation to Scottish War Blinded members.

The presentation described the history of the Commando Regiment, the selection process that All Arms Commando Course recruits must pass in order to wear the coveted green beret as well as their current ongoing operation commitments.

Captain Seath visit to the Linburn CentreThe presentation also detailed the role of the Commando Gunners who are trained to co-ordinate firepower for the combat arm of the Regiment as well as fast jets, attack helicopters and naval ships.

Members had the opportunity to ask questions following the presentation. Responses were provided on a range of topics including National Service, support provided for soldiers living with PTSD and the re-structuring of the British Armed Forces.

Scottish War Blinded member John Harling said:

“It’s been a brilliant experience, I felt he was very truthful in what he was saying about the Commando Regiment and I enjoyed handling and learning more about the Commando killing knife.”

Captain Seath also participated in an art lesson with Linburn Centre Art Instructor David Grigor and members George Gowans and Derek O’Rourke using the Acrobat computer camera system. An invite was also extended to Captain Seath to produce a ceramic poppy which will feature in a very special project for Scottish War Blinded in 2016.

Captain Seath said:

“It has been an inspiring experience to once again visit the Linburn Centre and engage with Scottish War Blinded members. It is amazing how members are provided the opportunity to participate in so many activities and supported to overcome their visual impairments.”

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