3 Rifles Visit the Linburn Centre

Posted: 22/09/2016 | Scottish War Blinded

Representatives of 3 Rifles visited Scottish War Blinded members today (Thursday 22 September 2016) at the Linburn Centre.

3 Rifles are currently based at Dreghorn Barracks in Edinburgh and are a light mechanised infantry battalion, equipped with Foxhound protected mobility vehicles, who operate as part of the British Army’s Adaptive Force.

Members enjoyed the opportunity to get up close to a range of protected mobility vehicles used by the regiment, including the aforementioned foxhound as well as a RWMIK and Huskey which were parked outside the Linburn Centre. Members also had an opportunity to view a range of machine guns used by the regiment which were displayed on a presentation table.

Many conversations were held between our members and various ranks of 3 Regiment, who were keen to learn about advances in weaponry, the vehicles and their experiences of recent tours including Afghanistan.

Scottish War Blinded member Derek McDonald (pictured right) said:

“Today has been an excellent experience, modern weaponry is quite fantastic compared to the past and warfare has definitely changed over the years; from the days when you knew who your enemy was to now where you haven’t an idea until someone starts shooting at you.”

Major Andrew Raw of 3 Rifles said:

“Having recently visited the Linburn Centre I thought it would be a great idea to establish links between 3 Rifles and Scottish War Blinded. Soldiers enjoy talking to soldiers, whether you’re a veteran, serving personnel or about to join. That very special bond was evident today between the guys and members of Scottish War Blinded, who will have shared similar experiences regardless of when they left the services.”

Major Raw describes the vehicles on show today at the Linburn Centre:

“The Foxhound is predominantly the vehicle we use in the battalion which will transport people around the battlefield. You can fight up close to the enemy with it and soldiers will typically dismount from it and close with the enemy. The RWMIK looks like an old Land Rover or Jeep and it’s designed to be agile around the battlefield. You can fight from it, but it is designed to move quickly to and from various areas of the battlefield. The Huskey is a vehicle which fulfils various roles on the battlefield, it can provide a good level of protection as well as employ a range of weapon systems.”

3 Rifles will now embark on a year’s training cycle working with the various vehicles on show today, which will culminate in a large scale competency-based exercise on Salisbury plain next October.

Our sincere thanks to 3 Rifles for visiting our members today at the Linburn Centre.