A Century of Expanding Horizons: Andrew Mackenzie

Posted: 29/07/2015 | Scottish War Blinded

Earlier this month we received a wonderful press cutting about Scottish War Blinded's former Linburn Superintendent Andrew Mackenzie celebrating 70 years of marriage to his wife Adeline.

For our latest instalment of our centenary blog, we share an appreciation written in Scottish War Blinded’s 1988 Annual Report about Mr Mackenzie’s dedication to his work with Scottish War Blinded.

Former Scottish War Blinded Linburn Superintentendent Andrew Mackenzie“Mr Mackenzie served as a Bomber Pilot during World War Two and reached the rank of Flight-Lieutenant and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his efforts while flying a Lancaster Bomber attacking a troop concentration in France in 1944. After the war he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and served with them for over 20 years, attaining the rank of Squadron-Leader and gaining the Canadian Decoration in the process.

“Since taking up his duties at Linburn in 1972 he has been a stalwart worker on behalf of all the Scottish War Blinded and their families in all the tasks at Linburn. He has been an excellent ambassador for the institution and by nature of his work not only has he made contact with but achieved a friendship with the many branches of the Royal British Legion, the Medical and Surgical professions, Social Workers, Government Administrators, Police and the Armed Forces themselves. He is held in the highest of esteem by all the war blinded.

“Over and above it all he will be remembered for the reception and entertainment of our visitors who came to Linburn. All have been struck with his courtesy, genial manner and the enthusiasm he has put into his role. His presence will be sorely missed but scores of people as well as his immediate colleagues and the board will be wishing him and Mrs Mackenzie all the health and happiness in the retirement which they so richly deserve.”

We offer our congratulations to Mr and Mrs Mackenzie on reaching 70 years of marriage and wish them well for the future.

Do you know anyone who has served in the Armed Forces living with a significant visual impairment in Scotland? Anyone who has done so may be eligible for Scottish War Blinded membership. Guide them to us