Arthur discovers a passion for art at the Linburn Centre

Posted: 01/10/2014 | Scottish War Blinded

Since becoming a Scottish War Blinded member, Arthur Penman has discovered a passion for art at the Linburn Centre with many paintings now proudly displayed around the art room.

Arthur proceeded to provide a tour of his art work around the Linburn Centre art room:

Scottish War Blinded Member Arthur Penman “I’ve been coming to the Linburn Centre for just under a year now, I had never done anything artistic prior to joining Scottish War Blinded. I paint onto canvas and have produced a wide range of landscapes, alpine scenes and animal portraits.

"The ideas simply come from ideas in my head, it’s difficult to explain, others may have specific themes but I simply follow what appears to be a good idea in my mind. David, Linburn Centre Art Instructor, has shown me so many helpful techniques to allow me to produce what I want to appear on the canvas.”  

Arthur served in the Liverpool Scottish regiment during his National Service between 1946 and 1948.

Arthur comments:

“The Liverpool Scottish regiment was known as the Liverpool Jocks, they were the territorial battalion of the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders with a special badge incorporating the Liverpool Scottish title within a traditional Cameron Highlanders motif.

“I served in Gibraltar in 1946 where we were in charge of a prisoner camp at Little Bay. My next posting was to Malaya to guard a military hospital deep in highland region of the Jungle. I was there from 1947-48.”

After National Service, Arthur enjoyed a career in the Merchant Navy.