Can you help Derek finish his World War One commemorative statue in time for Remembrance Day?

Posted: 02/11/2016 | Scottish War Blinded

Can you help Scottish War Blinded member Derek O’Rourke finish his World War One sculpture in time for Remembrance Day? Derek has produced a four and half foot commemorative statue of a World War One soldier, using wood, wire mesh and modroc, which requires a specialist spray paint finish.

The specialist paint finish will ensure Derek’s sculpture can feature outdoors at a remembrance service which will be held at the charity’s Linburn Centre in West Lothian on Friday 11 November 2016.

Derek joined Scottish War Blinded after encountering sight loss in later life having served in the Navy for 10 years. It was as a member of the charity that he discovered a natural aptitude for art.

Since then, Derek has painted and sculpted a wide range of pieces using only a small field of vision in his right eye as a result of the condition Angioid Streaks which will lead to total blindness.

Derek said:

“I would say it is like painting and scultping through a keyhole. I can only see my work from a few inches away through a magnifying glass and as it gets farther from my eyes it becomes blurred and distorted. Therefore, I can’t see my finished work instead asking others for their impressions.”

Derek is hoping to complete his statue with bronze paint and a weatherproof seal. If you can help Derek finish his special commemorative piece, please contact Gary Seath on 0131 229 1456.

Scottish War Blinded provides free to support to all veterans no matter if they lost their sight during or after service. If you know someone we can help, please contact 0800 035 6409.