Gordon Sinclair puts IT Tuition into Practice

Posted: 23/02/2015 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded member Gordon Sinclair recently presented West Lothian Young Carers Group with a range of computer equipment having learned to repair laptops and computers as part of his weekly IT tuition at the Linburn Centre.

Gordon, pictured in the centre, recently answered some questions about his IT tuition and Linburn Centre experiences.

Had you any experience in IT prior to coming to the Linburn Centre?

“No, my introduction to IT began at the Linburn Centre through touch-typing, Internet and online games. Brian, IT Instructor at the Linburn Centre, presented me with a challenge one day of deconstructing and re-constructing a computer terminal which sparked an interest in computer maintenance and repair.”

“It can be an intricate process as a result of small parts and my visual impairment which contributes to an immense sense of satisfaction when the machine turns on following a successful repair. I am delighted we can provide computer equipment to support young carers at the West Lothian Young Carers Project.”

What other activities do you enjoy doing at the Linburn Centre?

“I have a regular routine at the Linburn Centre which always begins in the Gym. I enjoy a general fitness routine using the weights, bike and rowing machine. It’s proved a huge benefit to me as I can still do things I did when I was a teenager.”

What would you say to someone who has served in the Armed Forces and has a significant visual impairment thinking about becoming a member?

“I would encourage anyone to take to the first step and speak to Scottish War Blinded. It’s been a lifesaver for me as it’s provided an opportunity to get out the house. My wife died three years ago and I just sat in the kitchen for a long time with no real social opportunities. Since becoming a member things have changed considerably for the better.”