Keen cyclist veteran experiences tandem bike ride at Linburn Centre

Posted: 29/10/2018 | Scottish War Blinded

A Scottish War Blinded veteran with a passion for cycling recently got back in the saddle for a tandem bike experience.

Bryce Campbell, 85, was a very keen cyclist in the past – however he has not participated in the sport for a long time due to his visual impairment.

Veteran Bryce tries out a tandem bike ride with centre officer James

Bryce attends the Scottish War Blinded’s Linburn Centre in West Lothian once a week, and on learning about the veteran’s love of the sport, Centre Officer Kelly Rooney reached out to VIE Velo – a new tandem cycling club for visually impaired people in Edinburgh and the Lothians – to see what they could do.

And last week Bryce got to experience the joys of cycling once again, when David Glover, Cycling UK Development Officer, headed over to the Linburn Centre with a bicycle made for two.

As another experienced cyclist, Linburn Centre Officer James Gregson piloted the tandem bike.

Bryce took the ‘stoker’ position, helping to pedal.

And he said he loved being back in the saddle, commenting that it “felt like low-level flying!”