Limited Edition Clay Poppy Project Raises Funds in Support of Scottish War Blinded

Posted: 02/02/2015 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded recently received a generous donation from sisters Jacqueline Gooder and Elizabeth Cull who raised funds by producing a limited edition commemorative clay poppy for friends who were unable to secure a poppy from the Tower Bridge display in London.

Elizabeth Cull describes how the project came together

“My sister, Jacqueline Gooder, was in London and saw the amazing exhibition of the poppies at Tower Bridge.  Later she attended a party of mine and some of my friends said that they would have liked to have a poppy, but they had all been allocated.  She said she would make a limited number (10) for my friends. 

“Jacqueline is a potter, and so she had clay and kiln, but she had to experiment to get the size and template for the poppies.  She made the petals using wine glasses as molds to get the curves. 

“Each petal complex needed to be biscuit fired (over 1000C) for several hours and then they were glazed.  The glaze Jacqueline used is not exactly ‘poppy’ coloured, more burgundy tinted. They then had to be refired and the cork and stem attached.  

“It was not straight forward, but she persevered and produced 10 lovely poppies shown above.  They are larger than the originals, and certainly make a statement.

“She only asked for a small fee to cover basic production costs, but said that £8 from each of the sales should go to a military charity.  That is how Scottish War Blinded was chosen for the £80 cheque, which we hope it spreads a little happiness.”

We offer our sincere thanks, once again, to Jacqueline and Elizabeth.

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