Limited Edition Scottish War Blinded Book Available Now

Posted: 22/12/2015 | Scottish War Blinded

As Scottish War Blinded concludes its centenary celebrations in 2015, the charity has released a free, limited edition short book about its history.

The book, titled ‘A Celebration of Scottish War Blinded’s First Hundred Years’, draws on archive images and material, mostly from Annual Reports as well as quotes from members past and present, to guide the reader through its highly emotive story.

The story begins in 1915 when Scottish War Blinded was established to provide rehabilitation and vocational skills training in Edinburgh to blinded soldiers returning to Scotland from World War One.

Upon completion of rehabilitation and vocational skills training, blinded soldiers were supported to seek accommodation, set up businesses and employment in communities across Scotland by Scottish War Blinded’s After Care service.

Many members would later return to Edinburgh in the late 1920s as full time Scottish War Blinded employees repairing shoes and producing a wide range of baskets, mats and workshop products for sale to the general public.

The story continues with a description of key developments throughout the 20th century including the establishment of rehabilitation and vocational skills training centres in Queen’s Crescent, Glasgow in 1928 and Linburn, West Lothian in 1943.

Linburn and Queen Crescent would later develop into industrial hubs providing a wide range of wooden, metal, cane, leather and plastic products which were sold to the Scottish public and exported all over the world.

Camaraderie and family are important themes felt throughout this book and many initiatives to support the health and well-being of members are described including the purchase of a holiday home, construction of housing as well as social and sporting acitivities.

The story concludes with an in-depth account of the work Scottish War Blinded does today supporting veterans of the Armed forces who have a visual impairment as a result of service or subsequent later life through the Linburn Centre and Outreach services.

To order a copy of Scottish War Blinded’s centenary book, please contact Gary Seath on 0131 229 1456 or email