Outstanding results for veterans attending Linburn's Strength and Fitness class

Posted: 21/06/2017 | Scottish War Blinded

The morning strength and fitness class offered daily at the Linburn Centre is proving a success. 

Scottish War Blinded believes in promoting health and wellbeing and this class does just that. The programme is not just aimed at keeping the veterans active, it promotes social activities between the members. Scottish War Blinded Veterans in Strength and Fitness Class

Each class starts with the veterans catching up over a cuppa and a biscuit, to get them ready for the activities ahead. A class lasts around 45 minutes and is highly adaptable to meet each individual’s needs and capabilities. There is a focus on the whole body, including brain memory with certain exercises. 

“I used to go to the gym, but it’s a much more solitary exercise. I like this class because it’s more of a group and great for socialising,” said ex Royal Engineer, Thomas Muir. 

There are three support workers on hand in each class to guide the veterans though the class and ensure safety. Each piece of equipment used in the activities is explained to the veterans, including shape and size. The equipment is passed around the class, so that our veterans can identify what it is they will be catching. Scottish War Blinded Veteran in Strength and Fitness class

“I’ve noticed since starting the class that I’ve been able to raise my right arm above my head again. I haven’t been able to do this since I had my stroke last summer,” said ex Paratrooper, Pete Conaghan. 

As soon as the music starts the veterans started tapping their feet and singing along. 

If you want to come and join in the fun with activities like balloon tennis, visit the Linburn centre Monday- Thursday mornings. 

Are you or do you know of a National Service or Armed Forces Veteran with sight loss? It’s free to access the Linburn Centre and our Scotland-wide outreach service. For more information call 0800 035 6409.