Party time in Arbroath for Scottish War Blinded lunch group’s Christmas meal

Posted: 06/12/2018 | Scottish War Blinded

The party mood was in full swing this week as Scottish War Blinded’s Arbroath lunch group celebrated the festive season.

Run by outreach worker Carole Martin, the group meets on a monthly basis at the Coast Bar and Restaurant, Arbroath, and is currently attended by around 12 of the charity’s members.

The veterans all enjoyed a tasty Christmas meal, with crackers, party hats and plenty of laughs.

The Arbroath members sit around a table wearing their Christmas party hats

And some members were even set to join in for round two of the festive fun at the Dundee lunch group Christmas meal later in the week.

Carole, who also runs the monthly meet up for members in and around Dundee at the Dundee Blind and Partially Sighted Society, says the Christmas meal is an important date in the calendar for members.   

Carole said: “The Christmas meal is really important because for some of our members it might be the only opportunity to have a Christmas party, so it’s great they can have a Christmas get together with their friends.

Some of the Arbroath members sit around a table, smiling with their Christmas hats

“If you’re on your own and suffering with a visual impairment, you might not get anyone at your door or friends coming over for a visit, so it’s lovely to have something to look forward to.

“I’ve seen big changes in a lot of the members since the group started two years ago. When they first came they were all strangers. Now they’ve swapped phone numbers, and they’ll meet up outside the meetings, joining other groups together.

“Before this they would be sitting in their house, hardly going out the door, and now this has opened the door for them for lots of activities as well.

“It makes a big difference that they are all veterans as well – they’ve all got that in common and their time in the forces is a subject that they do go back to.”

There are lunch groups run by Scottish War Blinded’s outreach workers across Scotland. Click here to find out more about the free support our outreach workers can offer veterans with sight loss, no matter how or when they lost their sight.