Scottish War Blinded’s Centenary Bowling Tour progresses to the Scottish Borders

Posted: 19/08/2015 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded members visited Abbotsford Bowling Club on Monday 10 August 2015 for their sixth match of the charity’s Centenary Bowling Tour.

Linburn Centre members Jack O’Hare and Ian Graham were joined by members who reside in the Scottish Borders including Morton Payton, George Horsburgh, Robert Harvey and George Dougal.

Scottish War Blinded's Centenary Bowling TourHaving experienced less than favourable weather conditions during previous tour matches across Scotland, members were delighted to arrive at Abbotsford Bowling Club which was bathed in warm sunshine.

Members were greeted by their opponents who were very keen to learn about their time in service, how significant sight loss had impacted on their lives and visually impaired bowling.

For member George Horsburgh, the event provided an opportunity to play bowls for the first time as well as Morton Payton who returned to the sport after a considerable amount of time away.

They were supported by experienced fellow members like George Dougal who has been a member of Earlston Bowling Club for many years and delivered a polished performance of bowling throughout the day.

The teams played on a wonderfully prepared bowling green at Abbotsford Bowling Club which allowed everyone to express themselves with great confidence, skill and flair.

Abbotsford Bowling Club were also very courteous towards our members throughout the matches keen to assist in sighted guiding between ends and lining up shots for our inexperienced members.Abbotsford Bowling Club eventually won both matches 12-4 and 13-10. Members were treated to a wonderful lunch in the clubhouse where many conversations lasted long into the afternoon.

Alan Howlison of Abbotsford Bowling Club said:

“It’s been an honour to host Scottish War Blinded’s Centenary Bowling Tour. We have enjoyed the opportunity to play with the members and have thoroughly enjoyed their company. We look forward to a return match next year.”

Scottish War Blinded member Morton Payton said:

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to bowl with Scottish War Blinded and it has been a great day for all involved.”