Scottish War Blinded Battlefields Tour 2016

Posted: 22/03/2016 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded is pleased to announce its members will have the opportunity to visit the sites of the D-Day landings as part of the charity’s 2016 battlefields tour.

Codenamed ‘Operation Overlord’, D-Day began on 6 June 1944 when over 156,000 American, British and Canadian troops stormed five beaches across the Normandy Peninsula named Utah, Omaha, Sword, Gold and Juno.

As the day drew to a close, the Allies had successfully landed and began establishing beachheads for the forthcoming liberation of France. The successes on D-Day came at great cost as the Allies sustained an estimated 10,000 casualties. The battle would rage on in Normandy for two more months.

Scottish War Blinded members will embark on a highly emotive, inspirational journey through D-Day as well as many of the key battles which took place in the towns of Northern France during the summer of 1944.

Members will visit the D-Day museum at Arromanches and walk the footsteps taken by Allied soldiers over 70 years ago as well as visit Allied war cemeteries to pay their respects to those who gave their lives in the fight against Nazi tyranny.

The tour, which takes place from 15-20 September 2016, builds upon the success of the highly successful visit to the battlefields of World War One in 2015 as part of the charity’s centenary programme of events.

Scottish War Blinded Linburn Centre Manager Jim Thomson said:

“We are delighted to offer Scottish War Blinded members the opportunity to visit Normandy later this year. Many of our members have a keen interest in World War Two, some of whom actually served on D-Day, and the battlefields trip promises to be highly engaging and memorable experience.”

Letters will be sent to members this month providing information about the tour including transport and accommodation. For further information, please contact Jim Thomson on 0131 333 1369.