Scottish War Blinded Choir is established at the Linburn Centre

Posted: 30/08/2016 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded members are enjoying the opportunity to develop their singing and performance skills through the introduction of regular choir sessions at the Linburn Centre.

Having witnessed todays’ session, it is remarkable to think that choir sessions began just three weeks ago as members confidently perform their way through a series of warm-up exercises and pieces.

The sessions are delivered by Choir Master Robert Briggs, who provides a highly engaging learning experience for our members through wonderful use of technical skill and humour.

One of Robert's first tasks is to prepare our members for a collaborative project in October, which will see them perform in a music video with sister charity Royal Blind.

Our members will perform ‘Thank You for the Music’ by Abba alongside pupils from The Royal Blind School, young people from Forward Vision and residents of Braeside House as part of a project for National Braille Week in October.

Robert comments on working with Scottish War Blinded members as well as looking forward to the collaborative music project with Royal Blind:

“It’s been a great start so far. We are working with a wide range of abilities, from those who have clearly sung before to people completely new to it, so it’s important to make sure we have a full range of warm-ups and music for all. I spoke with members during the initial session and we put a list together of music they would like to perform. I think we have achieved a nice balance with regards to styles.

“I think the forthcoming music video project is very exciting, I think it’s the first time many members will have performed something like this, so it is important I provide my full support with regards to both singing and performance; most importantly developing confidence. It’s pleasing that members are practising at home and have identified a practice space at Linburn for when I am not here.”