Scottish War Blinded Members Explore the Emotions of Combat in National Arts Project

Posted: 20/10/2014 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded members have produced this World War One commemorative collage based on the themes of combat, sacrifice and reflection as part of a national arts project organised by Veterans First Point.

The collage will form part of a wider collection of art, sculpture and literature which has been created as a result of a Community Covenant Grant funded project, encouraging veterans to express their on World War One commemoration, military life and explore how art can support positive health and well-being.

Scottish War Blinded Members Participate in National Arts ProjectThe art produced will also be presented in a booklet and exhibited in schools providing a discussion point for children to discuss the commemoration of World War One, how military service can impact on everyday life and the expressive benefits of art in promoting positive health and well-being.

The collage represents the mindset of a World War One soldier. The colours reflect the various states of mood as a result of service on the Western Front from time spent resting in relative safety to high levels of alertness during an attack. The abstract elements, appearing outside the human brain, represent the chaos of war and how experiences will affect all soldiers’ ability to carry out his duties as well as communicate with others.

Scottish War Blinded members used personal memories of service in the British Armed Forces as well as World War One moodboards to create the collage with the help of artist Jessica Beale.

Jessica comments:

“I'm really pleased with the finished piece. I was inspired by the generous sharing of stories and engagement with the project by Scottish War Blinded members, it was a lively workshop and I was excited to be part of it.”