Scottish War Blinded Members Move into New IT Room at the Linburn Centre

Posted: 12/04/2016 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded members have moved into their newly refurbished IT Room at the Linburn Centre which now provides further space for IT tuition, gaming and exciting future projects.

The IT Room at the Linburn Centre has continued to grow in popularity in recent years which provides expert tuition in a wide range of applications including email, Skype, social media and online shopping.

Scottish War Blinded members in the new Linburn Centre IT RoomMembers also enjoy the opportunity to catch up on the latest football results, participate together in online quizzes, use the flight simulator as well as applications such as word and specialist VI software like Jaws to write books and articles.

Scottish War Blinded Gordon Mills (pictured left) said:

“I think the new IT room is fantastic and I look forward to many happy hours in here working on my writing projects.”

The skills members learn are, as Linburn Centre IT Instructor Brian Wilson says, essential in maintaining contact with family and friends and engaging with the fast-paced, digitally connected world.

“Our members are doing everything their friends and family can do in terms of using an iPad, computers, email, Skype and You-tube. Quite a few of our members are now on Facebook including Derek Marland who receives pictures and messages from his great grandchildren which makes a huge difference to him.

“There are BBC documentaries which scientifically prove that people who feel isolated at home, who learn to use iPad and computers and use applications such as email, suddenly don’t feel as isolated because they now have a gateway to the world and now wake up every morning wondering if they have received emails or messages.”

Members have also learned about the technical side to computers and applied their skills by fixing, updating and cleaning old laptops and iPads for West Lothian Young Carers.

Brian describes the next steps for our members interested about the technical side to IT:

“We have a number of new projects for members to get involved in. The first of which is the development of an app where users can download the Scottish War Blinded logo. We also have plans to develop a special landing page for members to create an online forum to discuss all matters related to membership.”