Scottish War Blinded members participate in improving accessibility of Scottish historical sites

Posted: 08/03/2016 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded members were visited by representatives of Progressive on Monday 7 March 2016 who conducted a research survey at the Linburn Centre on behalf of Historic Environment Scotland.

Members had their say on a range of topics with the objective of enhancing the visitor experience for blind and partially sighted people who wish to access historical sites across Scotland.

The topics covered included the frequency our members visit historical sites in Scotland as well potential obstacles and important considerations when planning a day out to a place of interest.

Many of our members enjoy the opportunity to visit historical sites as part of the activities organised by Scottish War Blinded as well as through daytrips with friends and family.

Scottish War Blinded member Mary Prentice said:

“I think it’s very important blind and partially sighted people have their say as so many enjoy visiting museums and places of interest, so it’s only right the enjoy the same experience as sighted people.”

Scottish War Blinded member Archie Stewart said:

“I have enjoyed many visits to places of interest across the country. Scotland has so much to offer in terms of its history and blindness or partial sight should present no barrier to accessing it.”

The research was carried out by Senior Research Executives Alex Belcher and Heather Jamieson.

Alex said:

“We are here at the Linburn Centre today to investigate the barriers blind and partially sighted people experience when accessing historical sites in Scotland. The feedback gathered will contribute towards a larger body of information from people living with a range of disabilities which will identify possible ways the visitor experience and inclusivity of Scottish sites can be enhanced.”

Heather said:

“The members are lovely and have a lot to give in terms of their experiences. They have been very open and honest throughout the process. You don’t know about organisations and places like Scottish War Blinded until you visit and the Linburn Centre is a wonderful facility providing so many activities for its members.”