Scottish War Blinded visit 3rd Battalion, The Rifles

Posted: 12/12/2016 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded members visited 3rd Battalion, The Rifles at Dreghorn Barracks on Tuesday 06 November 2016. The visit to Dreghorn had been keenly anticipated by our members following a visit made by the battalion to the Linburn Centre in September as part of their community engagement project in September.

Upon arrival, our members were warmly greeted by representatives of the battalion, many of whom keen to catch up with members following their visit to the Linburn Centre earlier this year. Members received a formal welcome from Major Rory Raw, who outlined the programme for the day.

Members were provided with a tour of a wide range of protected mobility vehicles, including the Huskey and Foxhound, as well as an extensive demonstration of infantry weaponry and a trauma care on the battlefield simulation. Members also had the opportunity to view the Corporals’ and Sergeants’ Mess which provided wonderful insight with regards to day-to-day life with the battalion.

For Scottish War Blinded member Derek McDonald, the visit brought back many memories of time spent at Dreghorn during his National Service during the 1950’s:

“Who would’ve believed that 58 years after being sent to Dreghorn Barracks on a month’s secondment that I would once again enter through the gates. However, this time as a member of Scottish War Blinded and guest of 3rd Battalion, The Rifles.

“The first surprise was that all the rows of wooden huts had gone and there were no longer any troops sitting huddled round an old cast iron stove with blankets around their shoulders, trying to keep warm. The huts have now been replaced by modern, well-appointed rooms with individual spaces.

“What struck me most about our visit to Dreghorn was the dedication, knowledge and commitment these soldiers have to their profession. It’s easy for old soldiers to look back and say it was hard in our time, but we all came away with great respect for these young people, they are doing a grand job on our behalf.”

Watch a video of our visit to 3rd Battalion, The Rifles at Dreghorn Barracks, courtesy of BFBS Scotland