Seven Days to focus on Veterans' eye health

Posted: 22/09/2015 | Scottish War Blinded

National Eye Health Week, 21-27 September 2015 

Ophthalmologists and eye health professionals- Guide Veterans to Us

This National Eye Health Week, we’re asking eye health professionals across Scotland to support our aim of engaging with more veterans with sight loss, by guiding clients & customers to our free lifelong support. 

In Scotland, hundreds and potentially thousands of ex-service men and women are experiencing a decline in their vision. Scottish War Blinded is ready to support any veteran of the services, irrespective of when or how they lost their sight. 

The sixth annual National Eye Health Week highlights that 1.8 million people in the U.K are living with sight loss- that’s around 1 in 30 people. According to David Cartwright, chair of National Eye Health Week, our ageing population and unhealthy lifestyles are contributing to a steep decline in eye health-with half a million predicted to lose their sight by 2020.

People often have medical or age related degenerative eye conditions identified by ophthalmologists. Therefore it is at this point where you could refer customers to our specialist local support- so please remember to ask anyone you diagnose, if they have served in the military, or completed National Service. With their consent, you can refer them to us by using our quick referral form at or by calling 0800 035 6409

The support of trusted eye care professionals to sign post to our services would be invaluable in improving access to rehabilitation and a wide range of activities and services in Scotland for customers who have served in the Military.

Scottish War Blinded is the only Scottish charity dedicated to providing support to military veterans with visual impairments, no matter when or how their sight loss occurred. Since 1915 our services have evolved to incorporate member benefits such as rehabilitation, access to free visual impairment aids & home adaptions, and one to one training to adapt to life after sight loss. Any veteran with a visual impairment impacting upon their day to day life is eligible for our free membership.

Our support can transform lives- Derek MacDonald, a National Service veteran, struggled after he lost his sight later in life, and found himself sitting at home in frustration. Since he joined us, he has found himself gliding, horse riding and has re-discovered his love of the theatre. Read his story here

As an eye health professional- do support us by telling your colleagues what we offer, and how we can assist your clients.  Call 0800 035 6409 to request the following:

• an information pack for colleagues and clients
• a speaker for events or training
• promotional materials to display in your waiting room and clinic