Shadow Veterans' Spokesperson visits Linburn Centre

Posted: 29/06/2017 | Scottish War Blinded

Veterans have hosted the Conservative spokesperson for veterans' affairs at Scottish War Blinded's Linburn Centre.

Maurice Corry MSP, was invited to the Scottish War Blinded Linburn Centre in West Lothian to see how the charity delivers support to veterans with sight loss.

Mr Corry met with veterans and staff as he toured the centre in Wilkieston.

His visit included dropping in on the charity’s art and woodwork studios where blind veterans are supported to learn new skills to produce paintings, wood works and textiles. He also had the opportunity to engage with our strength and fitness classes, which are keenly taken up by many veterans who visit the centre.

Mr Corry was challenged to an archery duel by blind veteran Bryce Campbell. Archery Practice at Linburn Centre

Bryce was a more than able competitor to Mr Corry.  After 3 arrows apiece were shot, the pair drew with 18 points each by the end of the round.

Bryce explained:

"Because I have no sight in one eye and can only see a mist of colours in my left eye, I need to aim through the fog of my left eye towards what I can make out of the black of the target to have any chance of hitting the yellow centre. It’s challenging and requires focus. I’ve made huge improvements since I first picked up a bow here 4 weeks ago."Archery practice at Linburn Centre

Maurice Corry MSP said:

"It was great to have the chance to meet the veterans and the staff and see the great variety of work that is happening to support veterans with visual impairments at the Linburn Centre. Scottish War Blinded have created a marvelous hub here for veterans and I hope to be able to continue supporting their work.”

Head of Operations and Development for Scottish War Blinded, Rebecca Barr said:

“We are delighted that Mr Corry took the time to visit the centre. It is an excellent opportunity for us to show how we use our specialist facilities to create opportunities for veterans. Many people who benefit from our centre have felt their independence has been affected by their sight loss, and now feel their lives have been enhanced by regular support from our skilled team.

"Any military veteran who struggles with sight loss can visit our centre, and we would urge families and friends to refer a veteran to us, so that they can benefit from what we offer.”