Team Scottish War Blinded Visit Jessfield Bowling Club for Latest Centenary Bowling Tour Match

Posted: 27/07/2015 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded played their fourth centenary bowling tour match at Jessfield Bowling Club on Thursday 23 July 2015 bringing members together from Midlothian, West Lothian, Dundee, Falkirk and Fife.

Members were warmly welcomed by members of Jessfield Bowling Club prior to the match some of whom had played the original Scottish War Blinded bowling team in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Scottish War Blinded Centenary Bowling Tour Match at Jessfield Bowling ClubIn a change to previous centenary bowling tour matches, Scottish War Blinded fielded two teams of members for this match who strode out confidently onto the green in the Portobello sunshine.

The sunshine, however, proved intermittent but the occasional heavy showers failed to deter the teams who traded shots like waterproof laden gladiators in the coliseum.

On both rinks, a line was pinned down the centre to allow ‘callers’ to direct our members towards the jack. Throughout the match you heard many calls of ‘two yards at Four O’clock’, ‘a yard at One O’clock’, or the more straight forward ‘aye, no bad’.

On Rink A, it was very much a match of attrition, neither team managed to gain the upper hand through resolute exhibitions of flair and dogged defence. Indeed, the match proved to ebb and flow throughout and Scottish War Blinded eventually emerged victorious 11-7.

For our members on Rink B, it didn’t prove to be their day despite some fantastic individual performances. Many ‘ends’ remained finely in the balance until the captain’s final shots, however, Jessfield proved a little too strong who won the match 45-4.

Following the match, members were treated to some wonderful hospitality from Jessfield Bowling Club who hope to make a trip to the Linburn Centre for a return match next year.

What our members said:

Jim Longair:

“I really enjoyed today, the bowling was good and the people at Jessfield are very amenable. In terms of my own performance I started off strong, not so good in the middle, but finished well and happy to win in the end.”

John McDonald:

“I thoroughly enjoyed today’s match and the challenge of playing sighted bowlers. I currently play at West Lothian through the Scottish Association of Blind Bowlers and hope to represent Scotland in Israel next year. I remember hearing about bowling at Linburn and I think it’s a great thing that bowling will return there and I look forward to visiting.”

John McMullan:

“I quite enjoyed today and it’s the first time I’ve played sighted bowlers since experiencing sight loss. I’ve played for over 50 years at Denny Bowling Club and have been President, Secretary and a committee member for 25 years. I consider myself fortunate to continue bowling even though I have significant sight loss.”

Team Scottish War Blinded will play Ardgowan Bowling Club in Greenock on Wednesday 5 August 2015 and Abbotsford Bowling Club, Galashiels on Monday 10 August 2015.