Unforgotten Forces launched to support older veterans

Posted: 23/10/2017 | Scottish War Blinded

Together with 14 other organisations, Scottish War Blinded plays a key role in the “Unforgotten Forces” consortium, led by Poppyscotland, to improve the lives of those who have served the country. 

This three-year project has been funded by the Aged Veterans Fund to deliver a range of new services and enhance support to veterans aged over 65 years. 

The portfolio will include improved access to advice, access to healthcare, respite, along with entertainment and therapeutic programmes for those living in care homes.  

The number of aged veterans is continuously growing, and the 2014 Poppyscotland Household Survey numbered Scotland’s Aged Veterans community at approximately 280,000. Almost two-thirds (64 per cent) were those aged 65 or over.

There is an increased demand for our services to support this community due to the relatively common incidence of sight loss amongst older people.

Although it can affect anyone at any time, losing our sight becomes increasingly probable as we get age. In the U.K over 1 in 5 over 75 have sight loss, according to RNIB

Each partner in this new consortium will have a sound understanding of what Scottish War Blinded can offer, and each will effectively be a door to the whole partnership.

Scottish War Blinded’s role within the portfolio is to signpost veterans whom we support to additional relevant assistance, and to support veterans referred to us from partners.

Veterans referred to us via this partnership will be offered specialist guidance in adapting to sight loss, at home and at our centres. 

This ambitious programme of joint work will see Scottish War Blinded support more veterans affected by sight loss, whether age related or caused earlier in life.

To find out more about the project visit Unforgotten Forces