Unique World War Two tapestry returns to the Linburn Centre in West Lothian

Posted: 07/11/2018 | Scottish War Blinded

A unique World War Two tapestry which helped raise funds for the war blinded in the 1940s returned to the Linburn Centre this week - after it had been presumed missing for years.

Members got to take a look at the huge piece, which depicts events from World War Two in intricate detail and was crafted by women of the Denmore SWRI up in Aberdeen in the 1940s.

It was exhibited to raise money for Scottish War Blinded, and was ultimately donated to the charity's workshops in West Lothian in the mid-1950s, where it formerly adorned one of the hall's walls.

World War Two veteran Grant Abernethy takes a look at the unique tapestry

But during a period of construction of a the new Linburn Centre, the tapestry was mislaid and had long been thought lost.

After several years hidden in storage, the piece has sustained some discolouration and water damage – and on its recovery is now set to be restored.

Rebecca Barr, Director of Scottish War Blinded, said: “We are very excited to have found this beautiful tapestry again, after believing it had gone missing during the development of the Linburn Centre.

Picture shows some of the tapestry panel which depict an evacuee, Battle of the Atlantic and the Miracle of Dunkirk

“It is wonderful to see how the talents and efforts of the women of the Scottish Women’s Institutes, formerly the SWRI, were utilised to support blinded servicemen, and we’re honoured to now be able to preserve this unique piece of history for future generations to learn more about events during World War Two."