Visually impaired Veterans exhibit Sensory Garden at Gardening Scotland 2017

Posted: 05/06/2017 | Scottish War Blinded

Scottish War Blinded returned to Gardening Scotland over the weekend 2-4 June, following last year’s win of a Silver Gilt Award. 

Linburn Centre members chose to create a fully interactive sensory garden that would allow the public to fully experience all their senses as they commenced on a walk through the garden. As a result of having significant sight loss, you engage with your other senses more, to create a picture of your surroundings. Scottish War Blinded, Gardening Scotland, Sensory Garden

“We experience everything through our senses, this creates multisensory memories which we carry with us. The more senses we engage with the richer the experience will be and the more we will remember”, said Jim Thomson, Linburn Centre Manager. 

The garden featured a symmetric flower display with a water feature and bridge down the centre. The pathway took you on a journey past beautifully arranged flower beds, to a textured plant bed where you were encouraged to feel all the different textures and shapes of the plants. Next you were presented with a handmade bench shelter surrounded by edible flowers and hanging wind charms, and along the water there were beds of lavender which created a calming aroma. The sound of your footsteps along the cobbles and the water flowing added to the sense of Scottish War Blinded, Sensory Garden, Gardening Scotland Zen that many of the public commented on as they rested on the benches. 

The garden took seven months of planning, and a further four months of constructing, receiving a bronze medal by the Gardening Scotland award programme. All plants, wood work, hanging features and artwork were created by Linburn members with guidance from staff.

Jim Thomson, Linburn Centre Manager, said:

 “Yet again we had another great experience at this year’s Gardening Scotland event. The garden had many admirers who enjoyed putting their senses to the test. I’m proud of the work our members have done to create such an outstanding exhibit. Many thanks to the Linburn members for their handwork”. 

Thousands of members of the public passed through the garden at the weekend and commented on how much they enjoyed it, whether it was children running though the Scottish War Blinded, Veterans, Gardening Scotland garden or people taking the time to engage with their senses as desired. 

If you know a veteran with sight loss, who could benefit from being introduced to our gardening activities at the Linburn Centre, please call us today on 0800 035 6409 to find out more.