Dark and Light: a poem by Forward Vision's Brenda Archibald

Posted: 22/06/2015 | Adult Services

Forward Vision staff member Brenda Archibald took pen to paper and wrote the poem below after being inspired by the young adults she works with. Brilliant stuff, thanks Brenda!


Brenda ArchibaldDARK AND LIGHT

Where are you? Please communicate with me

I am here in my wheelchair, but guess what? … I can’t see

You don’t need to feel bad and certainly don’t feel sad

When you pity me it’s patronising and only makes me mad


Like you, I experience feelings and lots of emotions too

Come over, to speak to me, I really won’t hurt you

Just take some time out and then come sit with me

You may end up understanding me exactly to a tee


I’m human too and deserve the very best

Don’t isolate me or single me out, put me to the test

Show me you care by involving me in life

Don’t discriminate against me it only causes strife


You are my friend, my voice, my eyes and ears

Let’s show we’re moving forward, not going back in years

You are my advocate to keep me safe from harm

But I usually get round folk wi’ the use of my smile and my charm!


Whenever you next see me, don’t be scared to say hello

I may not be able to see you but I will always let you Know

Then I can interact with you and explore the things I hear

And we’ll be proud - ignorance hasn’t won and has made you lose your fear!