Forward Vision at T in the Park

Posted: 01/08/2014 | Adult Services,


When staff at Forward Vision heard that T in the Park tickets for 2014 were going on sale we stopped to think if the young adults would enjoy it, then joined the long telephone queue!

Alex at T in the ParkDiscussions with parents posed a wide range of questions ranging from ‘how will they cope’ to ‘ will they be safe in the crowds’, however, not one
hint of negativity and each parent was thrilled at the thought of their son having a once in a lifetime experience at a real coming of age event.

On the day, as we were walking into the park several people were high fiving the boys – which they loved! With everyone being so accepting it boosted their confidence and the rise in self-esteem shone through.

The musical line-up was amazing, with so much choice. There was a raised and enclosed platform which allowed the young adults to be amongst the crowd and the atmosphere but to be safe at the same time.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the entire day was a great sucess.