Service Spotlight: Forward Vision

Posted: 26/02/2014 | Adult Services,

Founded in 1793, Royal Blind is a national charity providing education, care and employment for blind and visually impaired people throughout their lifetime.We provide education and care for children with services like Kidscene, the Royal Blind School, and all the way through to care for older people at Braeside House. But one crucial life stage we also have covered is support and care for young adults.

Forward Vision is a supportive service for young adults aged 18-25 with visual impairment and disability.

As well as a visual impairment, many young adults we care for have other disabilities including cognitive and communication impairments. This means that when they leave school at 18 they still have a great deal of potential to develop. Forward Vision nurtures that further development so that the young people can go on to lead as fulfilling a life as possible in the future.

Our residential care home facility in Morningside, Edinburgh, opened in August 2010. There, we support young adults and provide transitional care and support into independent living. Focussing on strengths and abilities to encourage greater independence, developing life skills and increasing confidence, we encourage young people to explore new interests. In july 2013, a new bungalow opened at Forward Vision , enabling the service to support more young people with a visual impairment and additional disabilities.

In the past year, our young adults have continued to develop their individual programmes including attending sports class at Telford College, music classes at Orcadia, rebound therapy, hydrotherapy and skiing sessions at Braehead arena in Glasgow.

Forward Vision is very much part of the local community and young adults enjoy accessing nearby facilities. Outings to local pubs and cafes in the Morningside area, day trips, and our recent family barbeque in the garden, are always popular. Forward Vision has continued to grow and develop over the last year.

The dedication and hard work of the staff is key to Forward Vision, and recently they have continued to source activities suitable for young adults, ensuring that boundaries continue to be pushed and that the young adults are given every possible opportunity to develop in independence and confidence.

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