Braeside House

81 Liberton Brae
Edinburgh EH16 6LE
Tel: 0131 270 3020



Jenny's Well

196 Hawkhead Road
Paisley PA2 7BS

Tel: 0141 370 7950


Braeside House and Jenny's Well are part of the national charity Royal Blind, charity number SC017167.


Admissions and Fees - Care Homes for Older People

Current private fees

For the financial year from 1 April 2019 - 31 March 2020 the private fees for our care homes are:

Braeside House, Edinburgh: £1,361 a week

Jenny's Well, Paisley: £1,130 a week  

Learn about what is included in these fees and other key information

Privately funded places

Resident laughs with two care staff

Residents who pay their own fees can apply to social work for a free personal care allowance. If a resident opts not to apply for this funding, they can move into a care home but will be responsible for all costs.

Advice on free personal care for older people can be given by your local authority's Social Care Direct service. 

Our financial year operates from 1 April to 31 March and fees are reviewed annually. All fees are payable a month in advance.

Where we collect your contribution and you fail to pay an invoice within 14 days from the due date or 14 days from the date of the invoice (whichever is the later), we shall inform the council as outlined in the financial agreement.

If you are admitted to hospital and you are in receipt of Free Personal and/or Nursing Care payments, you shall be entitled to continue to receive this for the first 14 days, after which you shall be required to pay the full weekly fee thereafter. Upon your discharge from hospital your entitlement to Free Personal and/or Nursing Care shall normally be reinstated by the council.

Residents who are privately funded will receive a reduction of 10% in fees after the first week of any hospitalisation or holiday period.

Local authority funded places

Fees paid by local authorities must be at the nursing care rate and not the residential rate. At present, we do not charge top up fees where there is local authority funding.

To apply for local authority funding for a nursing care place, an application needs to be made to the local authority which will be put to a panel for a decision.

Find out more about funding places in a care home on the Care Information Scotland website.

If you are admitted to hospital, we shall keep your room for six weeks. Subject to agreement between the Council and ourselves, this period may be extended if necessary. You shall be required to continue to pay your contribution throughout your hospital stay.  

Where we collect your contribution and you fail to pay an invoice within 14 days from the due date or 14 days from the date of the invoice (whichever is the later), we shall inform the Health and Social Care Partnership who manage the placement.

How to apply for a place

Find out more about our care homes for older people with vision impairment and get in touch to book a visit at Braeside House in Edinburgh or Jenny's Well in Paisley

Payment of fees 

The weekly fee is detailed in the individual placement agreement issued to you by the local authority. This sets out the amount of the contribution you are required to pay as determined by a financial assessment by the council

Any changes in your contribution shall be notified to you by the council.

Where we collect your contribution, payment shall be four weeks in advance. If the timing of your Department for Works and Pensions benefits payments prevents you from being able to meet the arrangements, we shall be pleased to arrange an alternative plan with you and your Care Manager.

Are there additional charges? 

There is no additional service charge over and above the agreed rate for the cost of your care and accommodation.

Please contact us if you have a question regarding admissions and fees.