Braeside House

81 Liberton Brae
Edinburgh EH16 6LE
Tel: 0131 270 3020



Jenny's Well

196 Hawkhead Road
Paisley PA2 7BS

Tel: 0141 370 7950


Braeside House and Jenny's Well are part of the national charity Royal Blind, charity number SC017167.


Jane Penman

Jane Penman is 80 years old.  She is registered blind and her sight problems started at the age of four. 

"I liked Braeside from the word go, it’s like one big happy family. There are a lot of activities and I threw myself right into everything, although they don’t force you to take part!

"One of my favourite activities is the Rotary Club barge outing. We go out on the canal on a barge and they set the table with real linen tablecloths and napkins, then make soup in the galley and bring it out to you. You’d think you were really posh!  We also have a great activities team who do crafts with us. I’ve got some flowers in my room: I knitted them and Mo from the activities team sewed the knitting into the shape of roses. She also got me to knit covers for other resident’s tissue boxes. We make so many crafts that Mo put on a craft sale so that visitors and relatives could come in and buy things! 

"The food is wonderful here too. It’s very good indeed. We get to decide what we want: when they’re changing the menus they consult everyone to see what we’d like to see more of, as well as asking if there’s anything special that we fancy. The staff also hold a regular residents meeting where we get to have our say too."