Braeside House

81 Liberton Brae
Edinburgh EH16 6LE
Tel: 0131 270 3020



Jenny's Well

196 Hawkhead Road
Paisley PA2 7BS

Tel: 0141 370 7950


Braeside House and Jenny's Well are part of the national charity Royal Blind, charity number SC017167.



Josie smiles for the camera

Josie, aged 98, moved to Jenny's Well just one day after the home opened in 2017. A former nurse, Josie began to lose her sight as a result of macular degeneration.

She had been living in a care home for several years after moving from her home in Paisley but she was struggling to cope with her sight loss, often remaining in her bedroom for long periods of time.

Now with the help of Jenny’s Well staff, Josie has been to make steps towards regaining her independence.

Commenting on the atmosphere in the home, Josie said: “I’m very happy here. My room is lovely and bright, it’s very comfortable and peaceful. The staff are fantastic, they’re so friendly and I enjoy the food very much.”

Josie secured her place at Jenny’s Well with the help of her niece, Therese Renfrew.

Therese says Jenny’s Well has given her ‘peace of mind’ that Josie is being well looked after.

She said: “Jenny’s Well is just like a 5-star hotel. I knew we needed to get Josie a place as soon as we saw it. I’m happy to know that Josie is very well looked after. I never have to worry that she is lonely and I know that she isn’t just sitting alone in her room all day, the staff are absolutely fantastic, it’s just like a big family. 

“The difference that Jenny’s Well has made to Josie’s quality of life is just amazing. The food is outstanding and it’s a casual set up so residents can decide when they want to eat and what they want to do.”

Josie was born in Shotts, Glasgow. When she was a small child her family moved to France and then Belgium to be closer to her maternal grandmother. Following the war, Josie’s father, a First World War veteran, decided to move the family back to Scotland.

After attending school, Josie trained as a nurse and worked in hospitals throughout Scotland from the age of 18 until she finally retired aged 65.

She said: “I loved working as a nurse and caring for people. It was very busy and hard work sometimes but I enjoyed it very much. I would have liked to continue working because I think keeping busy takes your mind of your own aches and pains and keeps you active.

“I’m quite content to relax now, I’m very happy in my new home.”