"The children and staff sat around the table at snack time making it a very sociable event when the children could talk about how their day had been and what they would like to do at after school club." 

- Care Inspectorate 2015 



43 Canaan Lane
EH10 4SG
Tel: 0131 446 3136



Food and Drink

toy kitchen at KidsceneWhat's included

A snack and drink are included in the fees. 

Please provide a packed lunch if your child attends after school club on a Friday or any of our school holiday clubs.

Supporting independence

We encourage the children to help prepare the snacks and to tidy up after themselves. 

Healthy eating

We recognise the importance of a healthy diet for children delivered in a calm, friendly setting. We allow children to decide when they are ready to eat, but request that food be consumed whilst sitting at the snack table.

We use fresh ingredients and follow statutory guidelines. Drinking water is available at all times. Individual dietary requirements and parental preferences are met wherever possible.