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Lisa Donoghue, Kidscene Manager

Lisa Donohgue

Lisa Donoghue started working at Kidscene in November 2011, two months before its official opening. She gives an account of life at the after school club.

"On an average day, the staff come in at about 14.30pm, after which we pick up children from four different schools in the area. Once in the club, the children have a quick snack before deciding which, if any, of the two daily activities they want to participate in. We always have two activities, involving physical activity, arts and crafting planned for every day.

"Because of our unique reverse integration style, where mainstream and disabled children of the ages 4-16 are mixed, making sure everyone gets a turn at something they like is a challenge. They are all into different things, especially when it comes to themes. As you would never see such a variety of children in normal school clubs, the challenge is unique to us and we consider ourselves as leaders in this inclusive envrionment.

"The variety of abilities of children allows kids to learn a lot about each other – the disabled children learn a lot about patience and that perhaps not everyone understands them. On the other hand, mainstream children learn how to interact and play with people who are different from themselves.

"When working with children, you get to be a big child yourself. It is often assumed that people working with children do not do very much, but that is certainly not the case – it is all about being enthusiastic and getting the children to be enthusiastic too. I love incorporating teaching into play, so the children being taught do not realise it.

"I have worked as both a play leader and co-ordinator before in established organisations, so when I came in to be part of a team to set something up from scratch whioch caters for all abilities has been such an experience. In January 2012 we had two children; last summer we had 73.

"It is really hard work, but I do not mind – I do not mind staying late or coming in early because I know it is doing such an invaluable service for some of the parents. The whole thing is brilliant; I love it."

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