"All of the children were encouraged to get involved and to support each other." 

- Care Inspectorate 2015 



43 Canaan Lane
EH10 4SG
Tel: 0131 446 3136



Why Choose Us?

Royal Blind SchoolLocation and facilities

We are based in the Morningside area of Edinburgh, on the Royal Blind School campus. We have two large play and activity rooms and access to fantastic facilities, including soft play areas, a swimming pool, a sensory garden and outdoor multi-use games area. Find out more about our facilities and activities.

A unique child-care provider

As far as we are aware, Kidscene is the only childcare facility in the whole of the UK that offers what we call a ‘reverse integration model.’ This means that although our primary purpose is to support people with disabilities, we actively encourage those without disabilities to join Kidscene.

We find that all of the children are able to learn from each other. By attending Kidscene, children grow up knowing that disability is not a barrier to friendships.

The children without disabilities that attend Kidscene can make friends with and support those with additional support needs. Equally, our children with disabilities, some of whom have 24-hour specialist adult care around them, learn to be more independent as they mix with other children.

Staff-to-child ratio

We maintain a staff-to-child ratio of 1:5 for children under the age of eight, which is higher than the statutory requirement of 1:8. Find out more about our staff.

Hydrotherapy pool

Our Facilities

We have a swimming pool, soft play and sensory garden.

Children at Kidscene riding a bike

Kidscene Activities

We encourage child led play and have a range of activities on offer

Kidscene Manager Lisa Donoghue

Our Staff

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Two girls reading a book at Kidscene

Parent Feedback

"My child loves attending Kidscene and for once, disability isn't a barrier."

Kidscene Inspection Reports

Kidscene Inspection Reports

Kidscene is registered with the Care Inspectorate