Jenny's Well Care Home Appeal

Royal Blind’s new care home, Jenny’s Well, will open in Paisley in autumn 2017. The 54 bed nursing home will provide high quality care to visually impaired older people in Renfrewshire.

By donating today, you can help us create a happy, homely environment for our residents. Here are some examples of projects your generosity could support:

Double handled mugs

Double handled mugs - £18

We still need £-144

These specialised mugs reduce spillage and are easier to hold. For just £18 you can help our residents have their daily cuppa with dignity and independence. £540 can provide our care home with a full set of double handed mugs. 

Sensory plants

Sensory plants -£5 each

We still need £161

Sensory plants help to create a stimulating outdoor environment for our visually impaired residents. As well as looking beautiful, plants such as rose, lavender, rosemary and thyme have a strong smell, and grasses and reeds are both tactile and interesting to listen to as the wind blows through them. From as little as £5 you can help our residents make the most of their outdoor spaces.

Vintage Radio

Vintage style Radio / MP3 player – £75

We still need £4,050

These beautifully designed radios combine old- fashioned style with modern, quality sound. Whether it’s jazz, musicals, or some good old swing, our residents can relax and enjoy some nostalgia by listening to their favourite songs in crystal clear digital. For £4,050 we can equip each room with a digital radio. 


Loveseat - £300

We still need £1,499

Residents and visitors alike can enjoy the beautiful gardens whilst relaxing in style in our cosy loveseats. By supporting this project, you can ensure our residents have an enjoyable and comfortable space for or catching up with friends and family, or simply getting some fresh air. £1,500 can help us kit out the garden with 5 loveseats. 

Garden shed

Garden shed - £500

We still need £500

Green fingered residents will be able to enjoy some outdoor recreation by helping out in the garden. A high quality, weather proof shed will ensure all the equipment they need is kept in tip top condition and is easily accessible. Your donation can help ensure our residents stay healthy and active in the great outdoors.

Tactile way finder signs

Tactile way finder signs - £2,300

We still need £2,300

To help residents maintain their independence, tactile way finder signs are used outside doorways to help distinguish different rooms. Residents can choose their own personalised ‘signifier’ for their room, or find their own way to the dining room or hairdresser with confidence. £2,300 will provide a full set of these specialised signs for our care home.