Royal Blind School Courtyards Project

The Royal Blind School provides education and care for vision impaired young people between 5 and 18 years, many of whom also have additional support needs. Our indoor spaces are interactive and stimulating, providing an inspiring environment for our pupils to learn in. We now want to redevelop some of our outdoor spaces to provide the same stimulation outside as we do inside.

We hope to redevelop four courtyard spaces at the school enabling our pupils to play, learn and enjoy the outdoors, encouraging them to interact with nature and be more active. The four spaces will be transformed into; an active play area, sensory play area, kitchen garden and chill out zone for older pupils.

Below is a selection of items we need to help complete the redevelopments, your support is very much appreciated. 

Plant growing in the sun

Plants and Herbs

We still need £1,409

The new Kitchen Garden at the Royal Blind School will allow pupils to grown plants and herbs, which will be used in lessons such as Home Economics and Science. 

Seats that look like mushrooms for children

Mushroom Seating

We still need £765

Mushroom seating will provide fun and interactive seating to the outdoor spaces at the Royal Blind School. 

Accessible Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Accessible Outdoor Fitness Equipment

We still need £5,023

The three-way nature of this equipment will mean three pupils can exercise at the same time, improving their health and also allowing them to enjoy the outdoors.