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We raise funds to pay for the running of our services as well as for specialist equipment that enhances the lives of the people that we support. 


double handed mug

Braeside House Appeal - Double Handed Mugs

We still need £190

For only £22 you can enable three of our elderly residents at Braeside House to maintain independence as they go about their daily lives. Buy a resident their own personal Double Handed Mug and help them increase their confidence and independence as they take their daily cuppa!

Hydro pool at Royal Blind School

Hoist for Hydrotherapy Pool

We still need £0

Hooray! We raised £16,111 for the state-of-the-art Pool Hoist and Tracking System for the Hydrotherapy Pool!  The pool is one of the most loved facilities at Royal Blind, and has a high volume of use, open seven days a week for three of our major services - Kidscene, Forward Vision and the Royal Blind School.     


Royal Blind School Appeal - Smart Brailler

We still need £1,465

Royal Blind School Appeal for Perkins SMART Braillers. We currently have 10 students learning to use Braille. The SMART Brailler is an excellent learning tool. This product helps bridge the gap between sighted parents and blind children making learning Braille intuitive and accessbile.