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The Royal Blind School in Edinburgh provides education, care and support to pupils with vision impairment, including those who have additional support needs and complex multiple disabilities. Founded in 1835, we have a wealth of experience in teaching vision impaired children and young people. 

We offer day places as well as residential care packages. 


The Royal Blind School

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Why Choose Us?

The Royal Blind School is a community of young people who all share the common experience of vision impairment.

Royal Blind School

Our Facilities

Our school is purpose-built for children and young people with vision impairment. 

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Admissions to the Royal Blind School

We cater for pupils from the ages of 5-19 with vision impairment, including those with complex needs. 


Supporting Mainstream Education

If you teach a child with a vision impairment find out how we can help you. 

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43 Canaan Lane

Edinburgh EH10 4SG


Phone Us:

Tel: 0131 446 3120

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