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Harry Lovett, Former Pupil

Harry Lovett

Harry Lovett came to the Royal Blind School when he was 11 years old. He said he chose the school after he’d seen the Christmas Show, telling his parents, “I’m going to be on that stage next year.”

And he was. Harry has thrived at the Royal Blind School, benefitting from the small class sizes, ‘the awesome staff’, the on-hand therapists and doctors, the calm environment, and his friends. He boards in Drever House. “It is like a family home,” said his mother, Fiona. 

“The kids are treated as if they’re family. I don’t feel like my son is in a care setting. He’s been cared for brilliantly. The staff do for Harry whatever needs done. If he does something funny we get a phone call or text from the staff (also if he does something bad!). They are guardians of his memories. I wish every child had the same opportunities.” 

Harry is visually impaired, autistic, dyslexic and has impaired hearing. He suffered a stroke in the womb at 24 weeks. His parents were told he would never walk, talk or sit upright. 

But the remarkable young man exceeded all expectations and is now a sporty Scout who loves adventuring in the outdoors. He loves Judo and trains with mainstream adults as well as those with special needs. He’s been to camps in the UK and Holland and won gold medals in competitions. He enjoys swimming, has been skiing, slept outside and conquered the summit of Scottish hills. 

He is also achieving is academic potential, taking seven subjects, Nat 4s and Nat 5s and has lots of friends.  Fiona said: “Harry now has the same opportunities as his sister – it’s all you want for your children. His brain scan is a mess. He shouldn’t be doing half of what he’s doing. But he gets no concessions.

 “When I was told that Harry might lose his vision completely I was in tears,” said Fiona. “He turned around and said, ‘what are you crying about? Some of my best friends are blind! Get on with it’. He wouldn’t be like that without Royal Blind.”