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Lolly Heal, Current Pupil

Lolly Heal was born a perfectly healthy baby, but in 2008 at the age of two, a virus attacked her heart. She had treatment and was recovering well when she suffered a stroke and then a major brain injury after her heart stopped during an operation.

She was left with visual problems and other complications and it took 16 months of treatment in hospital before she was able to return to her family home in Swindon.

Lolly’s mum, Sarah, said the family had to make a big adjustment in learning how to care for a disabled child in the real world and began to explore the option of moving closer to a school that was equipped to help Lolly reach her full potential.

In 2013 the Heals visited the Royal Blind School and found they were delighted with the school’s ethos and what it offers its pupils. They brought Lolly to Edinburgh for an assessment and she matched the criteria and responded well to her assessors. The family made the decision to move to Easton Lothian and Lolly joined the school in August 2014 with support from East Lothian Council.

Sarah said: “Lolly is resident at the Royal Blind School from Monday to Thursday and comes home on Friday. It’s the first time we’ve had respite since she was in hospital. And it’s the first time we’ve left her in an environment that wasn’t a hospital and actually felt comfortable about it.

“We all went up on Lolly’s first day and helped personalise her bedroom in the residential house. We were overwhelmed by the welcome. Lolly seemed to be the local celebrity. Even the person who was directing cars seemed to know who she was!”

Now Lolly is happily settled in at the school in a class of four girls and is getting along well in her residential house.

Sarah added: “Given these opportunities she’ll let her true character shine through and let staff get to know her properly. I know there’s more in there than she has ever been given credit for. She had two normal years. She was a very bright two year-old. She’ll have memories. She must have retained some of that capability.”