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Saad Attieh, Former Pupil

Saad Attieh was just two when his parents had to make the most difficult decision imaginable. Saad had been diagnosed with cancerous tumours in his eyes. Their choice was to either surgically remove his eyes or subject him to an aggressive course of chemotherapy that could kill him. They decided on surgery. “I don’t remember anything about it,” says Saad, who is now 18. “My mum made the decision and I’m glad she did.”

When he was about to start secondary, a teacher in Saudi Arabia recommended that Saad go to a school geared for visually impaired pupils as his potential to learn would be greatly increased. Saad’s parents visited a few schools in the UK and felt that the Royal Blind School was best suited. He spent nine happy years there between 2003 and 2012 and thrived intellectually, creatively and socially.

Saad He showed an early gift for music and at 14 he performed his own hauntingly beautiful piano composition at the Scottish Royal Variety Performance, ‘The Passing Waves’.

After initially studying music production Saad decided to keep music for pleasure, opting instead to study Computer Science at St Andrews University. His goal is to set up his own company and is embarking on a web design and technology start-up with a school friend.

Saad attributes much of his success to the Royal Blind School. “It was a nurturing experience, it’s a very close community and it was easy to form relationships with fellow pupils and members of staff,” he said. “There was a huge push on independent living skills. When you’re a teenager you have a big resistance to things like washing the dishes and making your bed, but I appreciate it now.”