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Admissions to the Royal Blind School

We cater for pupils from the ages of 5-19 with vision impairment, including those with complex needs. 


The Royal Blind School educates pupils from P1 to S6 up until the age of 19. Pupils can attend either on a daily basis or take a residential place, either on a weekly, term time or 52 week basis. We are currently accepting new pupils.

All children entering the Royal Blind School must have significant vision impairment. Many of our pupils have additional disabilities and complex needs.

We accept admissions from all over the UK and abroad. The majority of children and young people attending our school have been referred by their local authority, on the basis of their assessed need.

Working in partnership

We work in partnership with local authorities and parents to assess whether the school can meet the needs of individual pupils. We build close working links with parents, carers and the local authorities’ education and social work departments before, during and after referral and admission.

Requesting a Placement

The best way to initially assess if a child’s individual needs can be met at the Royal Blind School is by making one or two visits to the school in the first instance – parents / carers can either come alone or with the relevant professionals. It is usually recommended that the child should visit on a second or subsequent visit. 

If it is felt that the Royal Blind School can meet the child’s needs and the decision is made to proceed with an application for placement, then a formal application should be made to the relevant professionals in your local authority. In most applications for placement, it is the child's host local authority that makes this formal request as most placements and transport to and from school are funded by the child's local education authority.

Royal Blind School staff are available to assist you throughout the process to make a formal application for a place at this school.

Contact Dominic Everett, Depute Headteacher, with any enquiries or complete the form below.

Royal Blind School Admissions Enquiry