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Royal Blind bids fond farewell to Chief Executive Richard Hellewell

Richard rides a bike with a pupil

Royal Blind today bids a fond farewell to Chief Executive Richard Hellewell who is retiring after 10 years at the helm.

Posted: 30/06/2017 | Education, Adult Services, Care for Older People, Child Care


Royal Blind School Scouts present MSP with Youth Advocacy Award

Two scouts present David with a certificate

Scouts from the Royal Blind School’s 77th Braid have presented a local MSP with an award during a parents evening. 

Posted: 28/06/2017 | Education, Adult Services


Pupils host summer barbecue for Scooter Club at the Royal Blind School

Royal Blind School's Daniel sits on a scooter

Pupils of the Royal Blind School hosted a barbecue for their friends in the Edinburgh Scooter Club.

Posted: 26/06/2017 | Education


Work Experience Week: Junjie at Virgin Money

Junjie and his colleagues at Virgin Money

Students of the Royal Blind School have been taking part in work experience placements to boost their CVs and gain an insight into the working world.

Posted: 22/06/2017 | Education


Learning Hub: Teachers get tech-savvy in BrailleNote Touch seminar

Humanware trainer Andrew demonstrates BrailleNote Touch

Humanware, the company that produces the BrailleNote, has launched a ground-breaking new piece of tech, the BrailleNote Touch – a certified braille tablet with a touch screen.

And last week Royal Blind’s Learning Hub joined forces with Humanware to host a seminar on using the BrailleNote Touch in a classroom environment.

Posted: 19/06/2017 | Education


Three decades of Scouts service rewarded with Silver Acorn award

Roseanne in the St George's Day celebration

A volunteer Scout Cub leader for 32 years, Roseanne Allison’s duties have taken her as far as the Andes mountain range in South America.  

Now she has been presented with the prestigious Chief Scout’s Silver Acorn award by the Scottish Scouting Commission. 

Posted: 12/06/2017 | Education, Child Care


Royal Blind School students demonstrate mindfulness techniques to Preston Street Primary School

Children lying down on yoga mats in a hall

Royal Blind School pupils demonstrated the practice of mindfulness when they hosted a class from nearby Preston Street Primary School. 

The school has been holding mindfulness sessions incorporation sensory story-telling, body awareness and relaxation techniques for several years.

Now Preston Street Primary School teacher Katy Ritty has kindly shared her class' experiences with the Royal Blind blog.

Posted: 01/06/2017 | Education