"We saw that young people were encouraged and helped to make choices in daily life, for example as regards clothing, activities and food."

- Care Inspectorate 2015 


Royal Blind School

43 Canaan Lane


EH10 4SG

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Mobility and Life Skills

Coffee shopWe offer life skills support and mobility training to encourage independence for our vision impaired pupils. These skills are essential for independent living, confidence and employability as adults.

We support pupils with their mobility according to their abilities and age. This can include:

• Learning how to use a cane
• Sighted guide
• Navigating the streets independently
• Using public transport.

As they move towards the later years of their education at the Royal Blind School some of our pupils are able to travel into central Edinburgh on their own.

Independent living

Home Economics

In Home Economics young people are taught skills for life and work associated with basic food preparation. They develop knowledge about health and nutrition as well as safe and hygienic food preparation practices. Vision impaired pupils are able to access the curriculum by using specially adapted appliances, such as talking microwaves, talking timers and scales as well as having the support of classroom assistants.

Senses other than sight are used when preparing dishes. Young people identify ingredients such as herbs and spices through scent as well as texture.

Coffee shop

Senior pupils run a weekly coffee shop (pictured) where they are involved in baking, welcoming and serving customers, counting money and banking funds. The coffee shop is run every Thursday morning during term time.